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Younique BB Cream Flawless Complexion Enhancer

A lightweight moisturizer and creamy foundation all-in-oneyounique bb cream

Younique BB Cream is a popular all-in-one cosmetic that also acts as a moisturizer, primer, and light foundation. If you have never used it before, though, you could easily make the mistake of applying too much.

Accept nothing less than a flawless finish. You’ll find it in lightweight, creamy BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer and moisturizer, which also makes a perfect base for our powder concealers.

How to apply your Younique BB Cream:

Apply a thin, even layer on face and neck using Blending Buds, your fingers, or Foundation Brush.

Squeeze a puddle of Younique BB Cream roughly 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) in diameter, or the size of a dime, onto the back of your hand.

Dip the tip of your middle finger into the puddle of Younique BB Cream on the back of your hand. Dab the cream on your fingertip onto your face. Only apply it in dots: one in the middle of the forehead, one on the tip of the nose, one on your left cheek, one on your right cheek, and one on your chin.
The dots of BB Cream should be about equal in amount.

Do not apply the cream in streaks or in large splotches. You should use the cream sparsely, apply a thin layer to avoid making your skin look too heavy or weighted down.bb flawless cream

Pat the cream into your skin. Use your index and middle fingers to gently pat the cream in. Rub the Younique BB Cream into your skin using a circular motion, but instead of keeping your fingers in contact with your skin for the entire motion, tap your fingers up and down as you rub.
This gentle, light pressure spreads the cream evenly without irritating your skin.
Start with the forehead and work your way down toward each cheek from the middle. Move onto your nose and chin after that, then finish off with your cheeks.

If you are not fond of the patting technique, you can apply gently pressure with your index and middle fingertips. Blend each dab of cream using outward strokes.
As before, start with the forehead before working your way to the nose and chin. Finish with the cheeks.

Gently pat the cream around your eyes. Use even gentler pressure when you reach the eye area, regardless of whether your are patting or blending the cream on in strokes.
By using a gentle patting pressure near your eyes, you prevent the fine lines that may show up when the dragging, stroke motion strains the skin around your eye, which is especially sensitive.

Dab extra on to cover imperfections. Wait a few minutes for the Younique BB Cream to dry. After it dries, if there are any particular areas in need of extra coverage, you can dab another thin layer of BB Cream over them.
Note that you may never achieve a purely flawless look with BB Cream, since it tends to even out the skin tone more than it covers imperfections.

If you plan to use the Younique BB Cream as a base and want to use foundation over it, only apply a light amount of foundation. Otherwise, you may end up with a thick mask and too much coverage

Younique BB Cream Shades:

younique bb cream shades

When choosing your correct tone, compare the tone of the BB Cream to the skin of your face and neck. Do not compare it to your hands, since the skin on your hands can be a slightly different shade than the skin on your face.
The tone that comes closest to your natural skin tone will likely suit you best.

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