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Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick

Dreamy Younique lipstick for whatever mood you’re in.younique lipstick

A Modern Twist on Iconic Luminous Lips

Blending classic Hollywood glam with new innovations, Younique is reinventing a timeless lip look for effortless, bold beauty. Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick is a buttery-soft lipstick that glides on smoothly and provides full, colorful coverage for a glowing and modern look. Younique’s luxurious lipstick formulas pack brilliant light pink to deep red color effects for rich, lively lips!

From the board room to the boardwalk, Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick provides full-coverage wear without the fuss. Whether you’re sipping a coffee with friends or kissing the one you love, Younique Lipstick’s color remains fabulous. With a soft structure bullet, Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick glides onto lips like satin without harsh tugging or pulling for a clean, noble, and sophisticated look. For high-coverage color, apply your favorite color directly from the tube or use the Younique Lip Brush for absolute precision.

Tell me more…

  • Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick comes in 20 charming colors:
  • Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick is formulated without gluten, soy, collagen, fragrance,
    parabens, latex, sulfates, PABA, or BPA
  • Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick is not tested on animals

younique lipstick shades

  1. Swagger — Bold Purple
  2. Opportunistic — Dark Purple
  3. Ambitious — Berry Purple
  4. Top Notch — Bright Coral
  5. Affluent — Creamy Mauve
  6. Conceited — Soft Baby Pink
  7. Excessive — Deep Berry Red
  8. Extravagant — Peach Coral
  9. Fortunate — Creamy Red-Brown
  10. Loaded — Mauve Rose
  11. Pretentious — Shimmery Raspberry
  12. Prodigal — Soft Coral Nude
  13. Ritzy — Bright Pink Shimmer
  14. Stinkin’ Rich — Orange Red
  15. Swanky — Shimmer Red-Brown
  16. Upper Class — Rose Shimmer
  17. Upscale — Soft Shimmery Pink
  18. Vain — Pearly Fuchsia
  19. Well-to-Do — Shimmery Nude
  20. Sitting Pretty — Iridescent Pink

Younique Moodstruck Minerals Lucrative Lip Gloss

You bring the attitude—Younique Lip Gloss brings the shine.younique lip gloss

A Modern Twist on Iconic Luminous Lips

All the drama with none of the mess. This silky, comfortable lip gloss is about to be your best friend—from making your
matte lips shine to giving you a perfect pout. Younique Moodstruck Lucrative Lip Gloss gives an eye-catching sheen to your lips without sliding or feeling sticky. 

Plus, its full saturation means it looks just as fantastic alone as it does paired with a Younique Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick or a Younique Moodstruck Minerals Stiff Upper Lip lip stain. Finally—a lip gloss as sensational as you are.

Tell me more…younique lip gloss shades

  • A precision wand allows for easy yet defined application
  • Non-sticky and glides on smoothly
  • Great worn alone or as a top coat

Comes in thirteen colors:

  1. Lucid — Vintage Rose Shimmer
  2. Lunar — Golden Nude Shimmer
  3. Lippy — Perfect Peach Shimmer
  4. Ladylike — Coral Pink
  5. Livid — Golden Bronze Shimmer
  6. Loyal — Clear Shimmer
  7. Loveable — Baby Pink
  8. Lucky — Mauve Grey
  9. Luxe — Nude
  10. Lavish — Fuchsia Shimmer
  11. Luscious — Brick Red
  12. Lovesick — Sheer Coral Shimmer
  13. Lethal — Orange Red

younique splash

Younique Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick

Let your lips do the talking with matte liquid lipsticks in bold, vibrant colors.younique lipstick and lip gloss


Splash into color with gorgeous highly pigmented yet weightless liquid Younique lipsticks. Your new go-to accessory, these rich lipsticks will leave you feeling brave and bold. Special ingredients along with vitamins C and E for moisturizing benefits and a mousse texture means your lips will look smooth and richly-colored wherever the day may take you.

How to apply your Younique Splash Lipstick:

Exfoliate and hydrate lips with the Moodstruck Lip Exfoliator. Define bottom lip with tip of Splash applicator. Fill in lip with wide side of applicator. Repeat for top lip. Intensify color with multiple applications, allowing to set for one minute between applications.

Tell Me More

younique splash 16 shades

  • The innovative, hybrid mousse texture glides on with ease for a
    smooth application
  • Velvety, blendable, buildable coverage increases in intensity with more
    application yet remains lightweight on lips
  • Light-diffusing properties and wax-free formula fills in lines and won’t
    flake, crack, or peel
  • A special precision applicator makes for easy application
  • Comes in 16 silky smooth, liquid, vibrant and bold colors:
  1. Stoic — Rusty Brown
  2. Smashing — Ocean Coral
  3. Sizzling —T rue Crimson
  4. Stubborn — Cherry Red
  5. Soulful — Nude Pink
  6. Sentimental — Fresh Orchid
  7. Spontaneous — Dark Berry
  8. Sensual — Deep Maroon
  9. Spellbound — Midnight
  10. Superstitious — Daring Navy
  11. Punchy
  12. Popular
  13. Scrub
  14. Peachy
  15. Plush
  16. Prudent

Glam it up with Younique Splash Metallic!!!

younique splash metallicsMetallic colors are the hot new trend—and what better way to wear them than with our new Younique Moodstruck Splash Metallic Liquid Lipstick?! Get the gorgeous kind of metal mouth with these limited-edition lipsticks. The velvety formula dries down to a gorgeous liquid foil finish.

As you share this new product with customers, be sure to include these great tips and tricks to achieve a flawless look:

  1. Apply the Younique Moodstruck Lip Exfoliator before applying Younique Splash Liquid Lipstick for a smooth finish.
  2. Use the pointed tip of the applicator for defining the Cupid’s bow and getting into the corners of your lips.
  3. Intensify color with multiple applications, allowing to set for one minute between applications.


Feeling bold? Fearless? Sassy? Give your look a splash of color that showcases your mood best. Formulated with a Bio-Gel complex and moisturizing cocktail of vitamins C and E, these liquid lipsticks aren’t just for making a statement, your lips will feel soft and hydrated, all day long.

Apply and strike a pose, because Younique Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick just became your newest must-have, go-to accessory

Application Tips

  • Intensify color with multiple applications, allowing to set for one minute
    between applications
  • Use the pointed tip of the applicator for defining the Cupid’s bow and
    getting into the corners of your lips
  • Striking colors pair well with Moodstruck Precision Lip Liners

Stoic pairs with Pouty
Smashing pairs with Popular
Sizzling pairs with Primal
Stubborn pairs with Primal
Soulful pairs with Peachy
Sentimental pairs with Plush
Spontaneous pairs with Pompous
Sensual pairs with Pompous
Spellbound pairs with Pompous
Superstitious pairs with Prudent


The Younique Love It Guarantee
We’re so confident that you’ll love Younique that we guarantee your satisfaction with, and the quality of, all of our products. We’ve crafted our product guarantee policy to make purchasing Younique products easy and worry-free. If you don’t love it, we’ve got you covered!

younique guarantee

Within 14 Days of Delivery,
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Within 15-30 Days of Delivery

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You are eligible for a cash refund of 80% of the purchase price*, equal value product credit, or product exchange (less shipping & handling).

Within 31-90 Days of Delivery

You are eligible for equal value product credit, or product exchange (less shipping & handling).

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