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Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara

Younique Mascara 3D Fiber Lashes+younique mascara

Reintroducing: Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+, rebooted and better than ever.

The Greatest Lashes on Earth
Experience the iconic product that solidified Younique as the world’s authority on lashes. Our fiber lashes give you insane length and volume without extensions, fillers, or falsies. See up to a 500% increase in average volume* with your first coat—and experience the lash revolution for yourself. Get carried away with the smooth-coating, high performing Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+.

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  • Transplanting Gel contains advanced polymers that provide adhesion as well as conditioning and moisturizing properties.
  • Pro-vitamin B5 is known to attract and hold moisture while Vitamin E and Chamomilla
  • Flower Extract are known for their high-quality skin conditioning properties.
  • Nylon fibers dry quickly and adhere to
  • Transplanting Gel for smoother coating.
  • Fibers are formulated with squalane and CoQ10, ingredients known for their conditioning properties.
  • Transplanting Gel applicator provides volume, separation, and length. Brush bristles are spaced evenly to help separate for longer-looking lashes, while 3D Fibers fill and add volume to lashes.younique mascara

Younique Mascara Application Tips

  • Apply an even coat of Transplanting Gel to lashes.
  • Immediately apply 3D Fibers while Transplanting Gel is wet.
  • Seal the 3D Fibers with Transplanting Gel. Repeat until you’ve reached desired fullness.
    TIP: For best application, do step 1 and 2 on one eye, move to the next eye and perform step 1 and 2, then return
    to first eye to perform step 3, and then finish with step 3 on second eye.

Use with:

$29 USD | $35 CAD | $38 AUD | $40 NZD | £23 GBP | $495 MXN | 31,50 € EUR | HK$225

Be sure to get your Younique Lash Growth Serum too for extra fabulous lashes!!!

Younique Moodstruck Epic Mascara

Legendary lashes with a wave of a wand.younique epic mascara

One Step to Lash Greatness

Legendary lashes are here, and they’re delivering iconic lash-by-lash length, clump-free volume, and head-turning stares. Younique’s Moodstruck Epic Mascara is a multi-effect mascara that produces a wide-eyed, larger-than-life look that looks phenomenal by itself and also serves as the perfect base for Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara.

Designed to maximize your lashes, the Younique Epic Mascara brush features intermingling high and low density bristles that grip lashes at their root, boosting flaunt- worthy length and definition while providing captivating curl. The tapered tip also allows for defining and thickening even your tiniest, hard-to-reach lashes with precision and control. Finally, the perfect mascara is more than just a fairytale.

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Clinically proven to see visibly improved volume, length, and definition with an intensely black coat.
• For a truly multidimensional finish, go big with a second coat for even more captivating, dramatic lashes (or top it off with Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+).
• A blend of flexible polymers adds buildable volume to lashes.
• Opthamologically tested.

Younique Mascara Application Tips

  • Place brush at the root of your lashes and gently sweep to tip. Apply second coat for maximum effect.
  • To use with Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+, apply a single coat of Younique Epic Mascara, wait thirty seconds until dry, then follow with the Gel/Fibers/Gel process of applying 3D Fiber Lashes+.

$24 USD, $29 CAD, $32 AUD, $34 NZD, £19 GBP, $420 MXN, 26 € EUR, $186 HKD for each 7.5 ml/0.25 fl oz tube.


Younique Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum

Take your natural lashes to the next level.younique lash growth serum

Take your lashes, and your esteem to new heights.

Pump up the volume with Younique Moodstruck Esteem Lash Growth Serum. This daily eyelash serum increases lash volume by up to 39% with just 28 days of use for thicker, fuller, longer-looking lashes.

Wish you could get authentically lusher lashes without mascara, fillers, or falsies? Wish granted — Younique’s Moodstruck Esteem Lash Serum is here to boost your confidence and your lashes with a special blend of ingredients clinically proven to produce thicker, fuller, longer-looking lashes. Your lashes just got next-level.

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Nourishing peptides promote the appearance of stronger, lusher, and more durable lashes. Contains a hand-selected cocktail of natural extracts for optimal results (like Laminaria, a mix of natural extracts that increases lash density). Opthalmologically tested Contains cutting-edge encapsulation technology that works to better deliver key ingredients from root to tip. Clinically proven effective. This daily eyelash serum increases lash volume by up to 39% and provides longer-looking lashes by up to 29% after four weeks of twice daily application.*

Younique Mascara Application tips

  • For best results, place the brush on the lid side of your lashes and gently sweep to tip each night before bed (and each morning if you desire) after you have washed and dried your face and lashes.
  • Use daily for four or more weeks. Reduce use to three times a week once you are satisfied with the appearance of your lashes.
  • Start with clean lashes.
  • Place the brush on the lid side of your lashes and gently sweep from the middle of your lashes to the tips each night before bed.
  • To avoid momentary tingling that may occur if product comes into contact with the eye, avoid getting product too close to the lash root. Allow product to dry completely before sleeping.
  • For maximum effect, repeat application in the morning. Allow product to dry completely before applying mascara.
  • Use daily for four weeks. Reduce use to three times per week once you are satisfied with the appearance of your lashes.

$42 USD, $50 CAD, $60 AUD, $58 NZD, £33 GBP, $730 MXN, 46 € EUR, $326 HKD for each 7.5 ml / 0.25 fl oz bottle


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